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We believe in open standards.

In sharing, caring, and nurturing. In pushing, pulling, climbing, winding, making, destroying and re-creating.



We believe in transparency.

We want people to know what we're doing, why we're doing it, and when it will be done (maybe).

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eustasy is a global group of entrepreneurial web designers and developers collectively working together as a pool of resources and talent.

The goals and progress of this organisation are entirely decided and provided by these volunteers.

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The Name

eu·sta·sy     /ˈyo͞ostəsē/

Noun: A change of sea level throughout the world, caused typically by movements of parts of the earth’s crust or melting of glaciers.


We believe in talking.

There are a lot of people. We received a lot of messages. Now, we're moving from email to a real Community. Or at least we're trying to.


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