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Migrate to MariaDB Complete

While we previously relied on MySQL for running our WordPress installs, amongst a few other things, MariaDB provides better support with more speed under clearer licensing.

  • Stone Complete
  • Data Complete

Move all Advertising over to Complete

Google AdSense has served us well, but with the rise of our own network to control, it takes a second seat to our newfound clients.

  • How to Ubuntu Complete
  • Games for Ubuntu Complete
  • eustasy Extensions Complete
  • how to elementary os Complete

Migrate to Complete

The old company infrastructure needs to be moved to our new content management system, away from WordPress, and over to Fox. We also need to add redirects, fix links, and cleanup search results.

  • Classes Complete
  • Projects Complete
  • Enterprises Complete
  • Legal Complete
  • Licenses Complete
  • About Complete
  • Plans Complete
  • Actions Complete
  • Open Complete

Migrate Serve to Diaz (NY2) Complete Serve being on Fox worked, for a time, but increasing demand means we should separate it from our other interests for its speed and external protection from failures. The management site won't be moved to this new Nginx, PHP 5, MariaDB stack because of past mailing failures.

  • Database Complete
  • Approval Complete
  • Serve Complete
  • Ads Complete

Move Away from Apache In Progress

Originally Apache provided a fine server for our needs, but more and more we find our selves lacking a reason for not switching to its lighter, more scalable counterpart.

  • Simplet Complete
  • How to Ubuntu In Progress
  • The Eustasy Herald Pending
  • Games for Ubuntu Review

Move Stone over to NY2 In Progress

When we launched, the NY1 Region was the best choice for servers. That is no longer the case, with the deployment of server-side networking in NY2. This will be leveraged to create faster Backups, Databasing, and other Server-to-Server tasks.

  • Simplet Complete
  • how to elementary os Complete
  • How to Ubuntu In Progress
  • Games for Ubuntu Pending
  • The Eustasy Herald Pending
  • Management Pending

Leverage Private Networking Pending

Once we've moved to NY2, we can start making use of the speedier access to files and databases within the private server-side network.

  • Database Access Pending
  • File Uploads Pending
  • Artemis Backup System Pending
  • Maintenance System Pending