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eustasy was launched on the 14th of July 2013, and since has served millions of impressions to thousands of users across hundreds of sites and members as a free online internet banner exchange. We felt it was important to differentiate ourselves very quickly from our predecessor WhamBanners (who was absorbed on launch), and as such we accept no payment from our users for impressions, nor are we a service which you can run for financial gain. is a purely sharing-based service for the exchange of impressions, and, therein, visitors between two mutually beneficial parties. is capable of funding itself by only offering a 9:10 impressions ratio, and filling the space with it's own ads, or those from third party networks. These earnings are re-invested in both the service, to improve speed, reliability, and create new features, and the remainder of the eustasy network that provides a considerable percentage of the services traffic, at typically around 10%. (We would not want to be described as people who do not believe in their own creation.)

The network continues to run with steady growth, and we hope that in 2014 and beyond we will see a stabilization in the daily traffic and continue to provide a free banner exchange network that does not suffer from the more usual problems of rigging that such enterprises usually face.