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As we begin open-sourcing our sites, there may be some questions about why certain ads continue to display, although many have been removed, and exactly what they are contributing towards, funding, earning, and costing.

This page is designed to answer those questions, and share our actual earning statistics as and when they become available to us.

How to Ubuntu

How to Ubuntu single handedly accounts for over 90% of our traffic, and has a proportionate usage of our resources.

Continuing to show targeted ads served by Google both continues our well-founded advertising relationship with them, plus fully funds all hosting and domain costs for our non-profit projects throughout the year.

We are considering removing ads for registered users, and/or the lower ad on the page, as these account for very little of the generated income.

Games for Ubuntu

Games for Ubuntu runs a monthly competition, in which you can win one of the many games reviewed simply by posting your own rating.

These ads pay for the purchase of those prizes.

The more we earn, the more often prizes will be given out, and, presuming we keep earning more, we'll plan to spend more on the next set of prizes.



Domains are a close second on costs, with no real way to reduce them. They come at varying times of the year, and are usually registered via Namesilo.

≈ £6.65 per domain per Annum


Our websites run on three Virtual Private Servers rented from Digital Ocean, toting SSD drives and a New York base.

≈ £9.98 a Month