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eustasy is a global group of entrepreneurial web designers and developers collectively working together as a pool of resources and talent. The goals and progress of this organisation are entirely decided and provided by these volunteers.

To try to define a company, a project, an enterprise, and a community further in one page results in an almost unreadable mess. Instead, here we will list our structure, values, and terminology, in the hope of conveying just a small amount of what we do, and why, because then you will have learnt something, which was what you were trying to do, wasn't it?


Classes are groups of both projects and enterprises that share the same values or aims. As such. they draw from the same well of knowledge and resources.

Projects are non-profits, usually sites aiming to educate, advise, or entertain. While they may have a turnover, they do not re-invest outside of eustasy, and everything is always re-invested.

Enterprises are run for profit. Previous eustasy enterprises required individual users to pay for a premium service, but now, most generate profit from advertisements.


We want to help people. We want to expand to a point where we can make a sizable difference, make a tangible, permanent mark on someone's life.

If you can make one person smile in a day, it's been a good day.

If you can make one person happier for a month, it's a good month.

We're here to change your life.

Okay, so we don't have any real aims, but only because being happier and trying to help people aren't acceptable goals in our society.

Legal Status

Eustasy UK Ltd, was registered as a company in the United Kingdom on the 28th of May, 2012. It is a privately owned company limited by shares, and it's company registration number is 08085198.

This means that the company is a separate legal entity to the shareholders. If the business runs into trouble, the amount that shareholders are liable for is limited to the value of any investment they have made in the shares of the company. Any profits made belong to the company and can either be reinvested in the company or passed onto the shareholders using dividend payments. The company cannot sell shares to the general public.


eustasy is controlled by contributors on a weighted profit plus code basis.

( (Profit in Pounds)^2 + (Lines of Code Contributed) ) / 100 = Votes

This creates a community that is governed entirely by it's contributors, with a share equal to the amount they contribute both in funds and content.

We hope to make this process, and the votes that take place, more transparent, and lower the bar of entry from Q1 2014. Unfortunately, we will not immediately be able to disclose the details of past volunteers and their votes and comments, as some have been out of contact for several years, and may well have been minors at the time.